Welcome to NTC TOURS, your niche shuttle and tour services company in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our claim to fame is being the most customer focused shuttle and tour services company servicing the Melrose, Rosebank and Sandton corridor. We are certainly not the biggest, but that is the impression you will get when you have experienced our service offering.

Our specific focus on the Melrose, Rosebank and Sandton corridor allows us to tailor our service offering to the needs of the clients that use any of the hotels or accommodation and conferencing facilities within this corridor as their base. Whether you are travelling for business, pleasure, want to experience Johannesburg and the surrounding areas for an authentic South African experience or simply attending a special function, NTC TOURS is able to cater for your specific requirements.

Safety & Reliability

Your safety is our top priority. Our experienced drivers undergo rigorous training and maintain impeccable driving records to ensure that you reach your destination safely. Our fleet is equipped with state of the art technology, including GPS tracking systems to ensure reliable and efficient service every time.

Personalised Service

We  understand that every client has unique needs and preferences, that is why our team goes above and beyond  to tailor each shuttle experience to your individual requirements. Need WIFI connection to catch up on work? Want to enjoy a chilled refreshment during your ride? Simply let us know, we will make it happen.

Partnering for Excellence

In our quest to provide our clients with safe, reliable and memorable transportation and tours experiences, NTC Tours has formed strategic partnerships in the tourism and related sectors. These partnerships allow us to provide value added services to our clients such as guided tours, curated travel experiences in a memorable and safe manner. We have the presence in Johannesburg and from this base, can curate and deliver experiences in all 9 provinces of South Africa.

Discover Johannesburg in Style

Let us be your trusted partner in exploring Johannesburg’s vibrant culture, historical landmarks, and stunning landscapes. Whether you are local looking for a reliable transportation solution or you are a visitor hoping to experience the city’s hidden gems, we will take you there in style. From this base, we are able to curate memorable experiences outside of Johannesburg. Check out our guided tours section.

100% Safety Record

Long-Term Shuttle Contracts

Professional Drivers & Operators

Safe & Reliable Fleet